Hello everyone, especially those of you that enjoy having a go at our puzzles. You may say that I have taken a long holiday, but the absence has occurred outside of my control.

However – in the launch of Issue 1 - you will see that there are some minor alterations. The first thing to notice is that the title is now QUIZZO, ok? As well as the usual 25 questions, there will be up to three BONUS questions; these will be slightly tougher examples, on the same theme. Finally, try to add one more that can intrigue me!

In QUIZZO’s first quiz there will be 25 questions. Each answer must include two pairs of adjacent letters, such as – DD -, - EE -, - GG – and – TT – and here is a practice
Clue: Would you like a cup of tea? No thanks. I’ll have a strong cup of my usual. Answer: COFFEE

So, have a go and let me know what you think of the new format. Entries should be handed in (to a RBBG member), posted to QUIZZO 1, 89 Charles Drive, Cuxton, ROCHESTER, Kent ME2 1DT or you can enter, online. Closing date is Friday, October 27th, 2017.

Have a go. Don’t worry if you can’t manage all the answers – and return it to me! Good Luck.


1 What beautiful pictures on your arms – had it done in Edinburgh?
2 1990s Irish TV series had peck on the cheek for heavenly body
3 This salad ingredient blushes, deep claret
4 Garden equipment helps to bear a heavy load
5 Heat sugar and sugar to make Everton’s favourite boiled sweets
6 Place to kick all the place or dance indoors
7 Bring bird to the table with green, hairy fruit
8 Comedian sings in 1960s – no tears!
9 Speak to the nation – find out where he lives, first!
10 Possibly the most popular sport
11 Blow, blow, blow – POP!
12 Native American uses this for golf, before sudden call of nature
13 Sounds like she is virtuous in deep lake – elusive creature!
14 Elicit hooch manufacturer – tastes just like the real thing
15 Lost for words – nothing to say
16 Green, high jump champion – relatively
17 Kevin Bacon in danger of losing one of his feet (1984)
18 Doctor, I can’t stay awake … especially in Seattle
19 We wanted fewer and fewer – almost, none at all.
20 I went to the dentist’s place & he took out everything!
21 Main town on Sheppey, in Kent
22 Agent paid to shoot high profile target
23 Australian kingfisher sitting in the old gum tree
24 Wild motor racing film, 1981, starring Burt Reynolds, Roger Moore & Farrah Fawcett ( ---------- RUN)
25 Eat at my restaurant and your cola cup will be full, always!

B1 Long river, with three pairs
B2 He looks after your money, three adjacent pairs
B3 Scrappy-Doo’s uncle (also hyphenated)

B4 Your question + answer

1 (M) = Mineral
2 (M)
3 (M)
4 (V) = Vegetable
5 (V)
6 (M)
7 (V)
8 (M)
9 (M)
10 (V)
11 (V)
12 (A) = Animal
13 (M)
14 (A)
15 (M)
16 (A)
17 (A)
18 (M)
19 (M)
20 (A)
21 (M)
22 (V)
23 (M)
24 (V)
25 (M)