Quiz No 10, Alphabetical Neighbours, proved quite a tough nut to crack. Only four entries scored maximum points. Either ABCESS (which was obviously incorrect) or ABSCESS (which was the correct answer, but does not have the required three consecutive letters) were accepted and awarded a point.

  The answers, are below.

  Mary S, of Halling, was drawn, at random from the four top scorers to win a prize.

  Congratulations go to all four maximum scorers:
  John A, Maggie P, Mary S and Norman W

  Well done, too, the following entrants, who came very close:

  Bet H, Brian M, Ann H and June W


1 April Fool’s Day occurs on the FIRST day of that month. =>
2 Daniel Sedgewick, who studied and translated psalms and religious songs, was
  a renowned HYMNOLOGIST. =>
3 Even the most sensible person can make STUPIC mistakes, from time to time. =>
4 Famous for his “Letter from America”, Alistair Cooke was a popular
  CORRESPONDENT , who worked for the B.B.C. <=
5 If you listen, carefully, you can hear the wind, SIGHING in the tree tops. =>
  LAUGHING was also accepted.
6 In the United States, the F.B.I. stands for the FEDERAL Bureau of Investigation. <=
7 Leonard Bernstein composed the SONGFEST for orchestra and six singers,
  which was first performed in 1977. <=
8 Louise had a painful swelling in her mouth, which was probably an ABSCESS
  under a tooth. => (The compiler apologises, having used ABCESS, incorrectly.)
  Either answer has been accepted.
9 Marco, the weightlifter, PUTS in a great deal of effort, when he executes the
  snatch and jerk movement. <=
10 Only one passenger was injured, when the S.A.S. stormed the aircraft and
  captured the HIJACKER who had threatened to blow it up. =>
11 Security and Tactical Officer, TUVOC , was a Vulcan who served onboard Star
  Trek’s Voyager. =>
13 Serenity is the purest form of CALMNESS. =>
13 Several newspapers are owned by the same business group, which is
  sometimes called a MONOPOLY . =>
14 Sometimes, Islamic warriors talk of going into a battle, called a JIHAD or holy
  war. <=
15 Ted Tricky, a clever CONMAN , could talk an old lady out of her false teeth. <=

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