Welcome to our latest quiz, No 51. In each case, there are two clues, sometimes a third, and all you need to work out what the two words are and glue them together to make the new word.

Example: My teacher said I must work, NOT BEFORE tea-time, to improve my arithmetic skills.
NOT BEFORE = AFTER + arithmetic skills = MATH : AFTER + MATH = AFTERMATH.

So, go on, Have a go! Entries should be in by Friday, September 11th, 2015 Good Luck.

Clues – underlined words are very helpful ANSWERS

1 On board the ocean liner, he showed his male child how to add flavour to meals.
2 From about a third of a yard, he aimed at the sphere – that’s the game!
3 Drive the vehicle to collect a small animal. putting it on the floor or on a rug?
4 My mother saw that blood was spurting as I muttered incoherently.
5 A distance away I saw a little object – worth less than a penny.
6 In the hospital room you wore a gown (inside which piece of furniture?)
7 Provide weapons for the war effort, mine & your suits of chain mail will protect us.
8 Look at that, its pouring, sit in the front of the boat and see the multi-coloured sight!
9 She was my girlfriend, once, likes a fortified drink, but we’re selling it all – abroad!
10 Putting on weight, NOT him, maybe it’s the dustman?
11 Blow it up (without hurting any member of the family) and enjoy this at Hallowe’en.
12 Drink from this at final, but the group, sounding disinterested, hides here with skeletons.
13 I’m NOT against the motion, so let’s sing the melody and we’ll make millions!
14 The bloke is old, just a few years more than me – how does he cope?
15 Ice melted into a clear, cold liquid and I saw it descend like Niagra or Angel.
16 One colony member climbed onto the bottom of her dress – God Save the Queen.
17 He took her paper booklet and a sample of her hair and turned the key.
18 The shepherd ushered his flock into their enclosure, listened for the very first note from yon church!”
and waited. He’s still waiting!
19 Small car, built by British Leyland, perhaps for my mother. (Pay the lowest price).
20 Heavenly body like our sun and listen to the telephone – topping the bill!
21 A friend, not quite a best mate, deals you the highest - lowest card, for a royal flush or full house!
22 Jim left the saloon, hoping to get an advantage – and he got the best deal available!
23 Battery or mains power along with Botham = Sparks!
24 Baby slept in his bed, seeming to weigh a lot, but the sheets material wasn’t heavy.
25 Put small ‘For Sale’ message in shop window, for a second-hand frock - where am I?

Entries can be handed to any member of RBBG, emailed to info@rbbg.co.uk, posted to RBBG Quiz No 51, 89 Charles Drive, Cuxton, ROCHESTER Kent ME2 1DT, or of course, you can enter online, at our website, below.

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