Quiz 41 ANSWERS:

1 Ask lots to attend the party INVITES
2 No one bows at the back of the boa STERN
3 Disturbed state, no peace, can’t sleep UNREST
4 No building standing, now a heap of rubble RUINS
5 Fill ‘em up – keep up the pressure TYRES
6 Place to be, right in the centre of the action AMIDST
7 Serving wench makes bed & afternoon tea MAID
8 Russian equivalent of Parliament DUMA
9 Part of student’s thesis is about fertile horse STUD
10 Receptionist allows in ill man who owned up ADMITS
11 In the confusion, one of the pilots fired a gun PISTOL
12 A man from Warsaw found some bees’ wax POLISH
13 In the confusion, the pilots ruined dinner, too SPOILT
14 She tossed the coin & shouted ‘Not heads!’ TAILS
15 Doctor Who is the one to give patients a lift! HOIST
16 Cats play with string, while baby sleeps CRADLE
17 Made maps, tables and plans on paper CHARTED
18 Tree in middle of flag CEDAR
19 In the argument she lost the piece of cotton THREAD
20 Clear muddle with bit of tea makes red wine CLARET
21 Long John Silver was angry after pie starter PIRATE
22 Vincent, use that piece of rope to tie up the boat PAINTER
23 Does Snoopy find this food at Woodstock? PEANUT
24 Means of adding hormone supplement IMPLANT
25 Canadian leaves the tree MAPLE


Keith M, Frank N, Angela C, Mick M and Roy W who did extremely well in quiz41 … one of whom will have received a prize by now

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