Past Quizzes

    If you like quizzes, then this is the place for you - even more so, if you are a bowls player - because our prize quizzes,
  usually, have something to do with the sport of bowls. Our quizzes are open to anyone, member or not. You can enter
  online or you can ask for a hard copy of the quiz.

Featured Quizzes


Quiz No 53 Odds & Ends

Quiz No 52 Hidden Creatures

Quiz No 51 x + y = z

Quiz No 42 What's the Name, What's the Name?

Quiz No 41 Look & You Will Find

Quiz No 38 Animal, Vegetable or Mineral

- All the answers to these questions are names of people, real or fictional, and
these names are either animal (a living creature - animal, bird, fish, insect etc),
vegetable (tree, shrub, weedt, etc) or a mineral (a metal or rock, like silver, granite, etc.)

Quiz No 31 - Bright Colours - All the answers include colours

  Quiz No 25 - Jingles, Ads and Sellers

  Quiz No 24 - What's My Number

  Quiz No 23 - To Be or Not To Be

  CHRISTMAS CRACKER QUIZ 2011 - Our bumper quiz will keep you thinking and laughing!

  Quiz No 22 - Same at the End

  Quiz No 21 - STARTERS for 25

  Quiz No 20 - Secret Places - ANSWERS & winners

  Quiz No 19 - What's My Name, Pet?

  Quiz No 18 - Take Your Partners, OK! (Answers)

  Quiz No 17  - No, It's The Others! (Answers)

  Quiz No 16 - Yours Faithfully (Answers)

  Quiz No 15 - Roamin' Numerals (Answers)

  Quiz No 14 - Where in the World (Answers)

  This section is also where you will find out how our RBBG (Rochester Blind Bowling Group) Quiz Team is faring.

  Previous Quizzes, Answers and Winners


  Quiz No 13 - Annual Pair Hunt

  Quiz No 12 - Name the Place

  Quiz No 11 - Safari Lark

  Quiz No 10 - Alphabetical Neighbours

  Quiz No 9 - Number Hunt .... Answers & Winners

  Quiz No 8 - 3 in a Bed .... Answers & Winners

  Quiz No 7 - 3MIAB  Winners and Answers

  Quiz No 6 ROUNDABOUT  Winners and Answers

  Quiz No 5 COUNT-UP  Answers and Prizewinners

  RBBG quiz team win K.A.B. Trophy, October 13th, 2009

  RBBG make it to the K.A.B. Quiz Final!

  RBBG Grab Last Gasp Win in K.A.B. Quiz

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