RBBG Membership


Can anyone join?
Pretty much, as long as you are aged 18 or over.

How blind do I need to be?
We accept all levels of visual impairment as players. (You don't have to be registered blind).
However if you would like to be a helper then you don't need to be visually impaired.

I have a partner that would like to come along to watch/for support (Not play)
is this allowed/ok?
Yes we encourage relatives and/or friends to join, they can even be helpers if they wish.

How will I know what's going on and when?
You can check the site for upcoming fixtures this will tell you not only when & where the event takes place but will also tell you the clothes we'll be wearing & whether a meal will be provided.

Will I need anything to participate?
We will find a set of bowls that will suit you, once you are settled in the game you may wish to buy your own. Guidance with any equipment would be given if asked for.
Normal playing clothes are grey trousers and plain white tops. Ladies my prefer to wear skirts and shoes must not have a heel or a tread pattern, again help with these items can be given if required.

Does it cost to join? if so how much?
While you testing the waters of bowls you will not be required to pay anything. Once you officially decide to join the annual sub is £25.00 with a weekly fee of £4.00.

I have a guide dog is this ok?
Absolutely, in fact we already have two other members with guide dogs.

I cannot drive, is it easy to get to all events & participate in all the groups activities?
Our main Bowls sites have bus routes nearby.
Some of our members do often pick-up/drop-off when they can.
If you have a partner, relative or friend that would like to be a helper in this regard, then they'd be most welcome, we're grateful for anyone who's able to offer such services.

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