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THE KING AND i Our latest visit to the Brook Theatre - Wow!

RIVER VOICE The latest and greatest venture involving Tania Williams and
RBBG members

  Medway Beer  Chris, Norman and Hans attended this year's event and gave a
  Festivals positive review, in this article

  Eyes Wide Open  A splendid review of the art project, at Rochester Cathedral,
  including works by Chris P, Norman W and Brian M

  Pat Sings for  Pat C, along with the Gillingham Male Voice Choir, entertain at
  His supper  Chatham's Central Theatre

  Hastings  Chris reports on our latest bus ride to Hastings

  Operation Opera  Four of our members have been taking
  part in an opera workshop - read all
  about it, here!

  All at Sea  My latest adventure, by Chris

  Go Ape - at 72  Doreen tells of her extraordinary day at

  Short Mat Bowls  Hans tries another version of bowls

   New Prize Quiz   - from time to time, we'll slip in a quiz, to
  keep the little grey cells working!
  There is a prize, but it hardly
  ranks alongside the vase offered at
  + Quiz No 1 - Winners & Answers
  + Quiz No 2 - " " "

  Contribute  We'd welcome articles from anyone
  (involved in any of the groups going
  on, like music and singing, rambling,
    art, etc.)

  And, much, much more

  Coming up - what's coming up in the next month or two

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