RBBG was entertained, on Wednesday, July 15th, by Tenterden, the longest standing club fixture for the blind bowling group. It was also historic, reflecting the group's resurgent strength, in that (for the first time, in recent years at least), we loaned a player to the opposition.

  Chris was that player, with his facility to adapt to any situation, but it was for him a dubious distinction, as he came up against Hans, Peter and David, all playing out of their skins to win by 20 to 6. They lost the first end, but won 15 of the next 17 - amazing consistency.

  Doreen, Ian and Terry took each of the first five ends, to go 5-0 up, but were pegged back, so that after eleven ends Tenterden were leading 8-7. A final surge, however, with Terry to the fore, saw RBBG triumph 14-10. This was hard going; in one end Tenterden held 6 shots, until Terry brought it back to 1 - that shot in itself a match winner. The 5 shots he saved would have seen the opposition win.

  Well as Marian, Peter and Hetty bowled, they were beaten by 18 to 8. They won as many ends, but by just the 1 shot, whilst their opponents had two ends when they picked up 4 shots, both times, plus a 3. When you take an end, it helps to win big.

  Trudy, paired with Ann, Bella and Pat were also on the wrong side of two 4 shot ends, leading to a similar, 19-8 defeat. Once again, the opposing team were very accurate and it was difficult to make headway.

  At least we won oldest player on this rink as Jack, Tenterden's oldest player at 89, has a little to do to catch Ann, 91 in two months time. What a lovely feature to the game that two veterans can have such a good day out like this.

  Supporters of RBBG and Tenterton

  And a good day out it was. Tenterden were wonderful hosts and the fun on each rink was continued at a first class tea, which followed, where RBBG almost took a clean sweep of the raffle prizes. (Thank you, Bella for keeping us honest, by remembering to bring along a prize on behalf of the club).
Finally, lots of thanks to the Tenterden players, who were such great companions on this lovely day.

  Teatime at Tenterden

  Match Result:

  Tenterden 2 - 2 RBBG

  Tenterden 6 - 20 Pete B, David, Hans
  Tenterden 10 - 14 Doreen, Ian, Terry
  Tenterden 18 - 8 Marian, Peter N, Hetty
  Tenterden 19 - 9 Trudy/Ann L, Bella, Pat C

Supporters @ Tenterden 1
Supporters @ Tenterden 2
Tea @ Tenterden 1
Tea @ Tenterden 2

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