One would think that, at the age of 72, a person would settle down, take it easy and lead a sedate lifestyle - even more so, if that person is also blind. Not so, in Doreen's case. She as one of our great bowling team, puts heart and soul into every practice session and match. To us, at the club, it was no surprise to learn that she had a special adventure, on her 72nd birthday ... but it shows that she is still an energetic daredevil!

  Here is Dorren's acount of an exciting adventure she enjoyed:

  Two days before my 72nd birthday, my daughter took me out for a birthday treat. I had been told that I was to be ready by 8.00 a.m.

  I was advised to wear clothes that might get dirty, wet or even torn and shoes were to be closed in. I was not allowed to know anything more!

  So, off we set, that morning, and arrived at the forest, in Bedgebury. It appeared that I was to ''GO APE.'' I still had no idea what that entailed, but I was soon to find out.
  We were harnessed in safety belts, with ‘D’ rings
  and other attachments, for safety. It became clear that
  we would be climbing up rope ladders - [I even dislike
  ordinary ladders, so you may imagine how my stomach
  was felt] we made our way up to a platform and, from
  there, we had to cross to another platform (either by
  way of ropes or wooden slats that swayed in a
  horrendous way).

  I am not really scared of heights, but there
were times when I wondered what I had done
to deserve this. A zip slide threw us into a cargo
net and we needed to climb up this to another
platform. My arms didn't seem to belong to me,
any more.

The end of each section was down a zip slide to
the ground and onto chipped bark. There were
five sections altogether, getting harder and
higher, each more difficult than the last – but
we progressed, sucfcessfully. However; by the time we reached the final stage, followed by the last zip slide to the finish, I was quite disappointed that it was all over.

  The whole adventure took about three and a half hours,
  as there were delays, from time to time.

  Incidentally, I have said “we”, as my safety chains had
  to be checked, at every stage, to make sure I was safe.

  Anyway, a “Big Thank You” to my daughter, for proving
  that I am not too old to act like a monkey and that we
  are never too old to try something different (whether we
   are blind or have any other problem).

   So, come on all of you - try something new or different.


Tree climber
Monkey up a tree

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