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It was a school reunion for Captains Chris from Chatham and Brian from RBBG, classmates sixty-two years ago. It was also a reunion with a number of Chatham players who have turned out for this fixture in previous years; and one or two new friends, of course. And it was another very warm day here, thankfully a few degrees lower than last week, but we still really needed our mid-match refreshment break, our thanks to June, Audrey and Charles.

Lynette, in particular, was on a hot streak, on rink three. Not that Tony or Joe played badly, for a moment, quite the reverse, but if we did manage to set up some shots, Lynette could be relied upon to put some woods around the jack. For RBBG, John and Terry took a little while to find the line of the green, but then put up some very decent woods. The trouble was that Tony and Joe did the same or better. RBBG’s skip, Pat F, gave Lynette a pretty good run for her money and end fourteen was classic with Lynette holding, then Pat, then Lynette, then Pat, finally taking the end with her last wood, the jack being trailed two or three times in the exchange. Lynette certainly held the upper hand, but the margin could have been trimmed – RBBG held shot in the tenth as Pat tried to make it two, but instead converted one up to three down. It was actually a better performance by RBBG that the final score of 32-5 would suggest.

Chris and Keith, playing with Charlie for Chatham, on rink two, had tussled with Hans in previous years, and Chris commented after the match that Hans had been so unlucky, this time, just fractions from winning shots. Well as he, with Penny and Alison (on her match debut), all played, the excellent Chatham firepower gave them a 17-6 win, an eleven shot margin.

This meant joint RBBG honours to their triples teams, on the other two rinks, both losing by eight shots. Rink one saw Trudy, Marian and Tom take three shots in the last three ends from Pat, Dave and Alan for a final loss at 10-18. For Pat S, Maurice and Pater it was four shots in those three ends for that eight point losing margin, 12-20, against Barry, Colin and Rose.

I had said at the start that I recognised nearly all the Chatham bowlers, knew them to be very nice people but also very good bowlers. (Just a little encouragement for RBBG!) And so they proved, but it was no disgrace to lose by eight or even eleven shots to such capable bowlers on their own turf (nor, actually, on rink three either!) And the key to the whole day is the fun the bowlers shared on a hot, totally delightful day at Chatham, experiencing the enjoyment and camaraderie that bowling provides so plentifully.