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Blind Bowling Explained

  "How can blind people play bowls?" "How do they know where the jack is?" "How far from the jack is my wood?" Natural enough questions - answered here:
  Visually impaired or blind bowlers play the game with some assistance from the marker.
  When he/she delivers a wood, the marker gives information about where the wood is, in relation to the jack. In order to give an accurate idea to the bowler, the position of the wood is given in terms of a clock. The distance is given in imperial measure, in yards, feet or inches.
  Thus, if the wood finishes in line with the jack, but three yards short, then the marker calls
  "Three yards at 6 o'clock."
  The following pictures and 'calls' should help to explain the method more clearly.
  The example shows an end between two bowlers, using 4 woods each. The marker will give information to both bowlers, in turn, according to the clock method:

Hopefully, that explains things - a little!