On our website, we have a growing readership, with some visitors dropping in to find out about matches we have played or competition results, others to check out our latest quiz and many join us just for a gentle gander.

  One day in January, 2012, an email came through to the desk. It was a simple request: “Hi. I just wondered if anyone remembered my Nan, Rose Caulfield?” At first, it looked as though this was a message that had been sent to the wrong address. It would have been so easy to dismiss, ignore and even discard the email. Instead, I took the email along to a regular Tuesday meeting and asked if anyone knew Rose; one or two members had a vague recollection, but nothing definite.

  Our Captain, Brian, took the message to one of our members, Bella, who had been unable to attend on this occasion. She had been a member of Medway Blind Bowling Group (which had been the forerunner of RBBG). That very afternoon, I received a ‘phone call, from Bella.
  “You wanted to know about Rose?” asked Bella.

  “Yes, please,” I replied. “Did you know her?”

  “Oh, yes,” she responded. “Rose and I were founder members of the Medway Blind Bowling Group.”

  Bella went on to tell me that she and Rose* were joined by Lou Langley*, Betty West, Cyril Barnden* and Ernie Tumber. These six friends were the founder members of the Medway Blind Bowling Group. The club was formed back in October 25th, 1990.
Medway Blind Bowling Group enjoyed more than a dozen years of bowling against fully sighted opposition. Bella recalled that one of their finest moments was when they played a match, in Hastings, against the then British Blind Men’s Champions. It was a very close encounter, with the MBBG team, comprising Rose Caulfield, Betty West and Isabella Williams, only just losing to the anxious team of men – and close to pipping them.

  Bella is the only one of those six bowlers still playing the sport, now with RBBG, while Ernie (Tumber) is the only other member still living. The picture, below, shows the team which so nearly beat the British Champions: (from left to right): Rose Caulfield, Betty West and Isabella Williams.

Medway BBG 1990-2006 001

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