Trial ends were played but both men were long on the minimum length jack set by the ladies, who each scored two shots to lead4-0. Alison continued her fast start with three woods within a foot on another twenty-five yard jack. Geoff’s second wood pushed her shot wood out of the head, taking over shot. His final wood was good weight but connected with the jack, which first seemed to be moving towards Alison’s other two woods, but the jack caught his own wood and stopped, which meant two to the men for 2-4. In the third end on a long jack Terry drew to two inches, Geoff came in for second and it was all square at 4 all.

Terry’s fourth end jack was shorter, at twenty-seven yards and he drew to six and ten inches for two. Alison’s last wood made the wrong contact with Terry’s shot wood, she went wide, his wood moved off shot but stayed in the count. Geoff added two more to hold four but Marian’s final wood took the long backhand route to nestle into second, so just one to the men for 5-4. Marian played another great last wood in the sixth. With all players in a measure for shot she trailed the jack a few inches, sat behind it for shot but those few inches were towards Alison’s woods for two more on a measure and the ladies took over the lead at 7-5.

Back came the men with Terry holding two at nine and eighteen inches. Marian came into second so they had only pulled one back for 6-7. On a long seventh end Alison and Marian took a shot each to extend their lead to 9-6. On another long eighth end it was Alison for shot, Marian then promoting her closer to the jack and the contact stopping Marian in second – two more and they led 11-6 as they played the final end.

The men needed five to go to extra time but Alison set the jack at thirty-one yards and put in a killer first wood to four inches in front of the jack. Although Terry’s first two woods were a yard through they were in a good place had his last wood carried the jack to them. It was almost the perfect delivery but it shaved the jack and ran through. Three woods now waiting for that trail and Geoff just missed it too. He tried to hit Alison’s shot wood, which would have then have hit the jack and move it to the four woods now waiting, but again he missed – narrowly, but he missed. The men had come so close to squeezing some shots in that final end but it was Marian in second and a win for the ladies at 13-6 which in no way reflected how close the match had been, cut and thrust and all four bowling so well. But a deserved victory for Alison and Marian and they go on to play Peter and Michael in the second semi final.

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