David and Rosemary v Hans and Maurice

Rosemary took shot with her first wood; Maurice’s final wood looked good till it was wicked off course and it was 1-0 to David and Rosemary. Hans was on target but promoted David into shot in the second end. David and Rosemary held three till Maurice’s final wood took a double wick into second and it was now 2-0. In the third end David bowled two great woods to nine and ten inches, but with his last wood knocked one of those shots four feet past the jack, that last wood rolling through to join it. Rosemary reinstated the two shots with her first, to six inches, then promptly moved the jack a yard but with Maurice and Hans up till then short, it actually meant that David’s two long woods now counted and they held four! Maurice’s final wood to the new position was pretty good, taking third wood so only two shots lost on the end, bur he and Hans now trailed 0-4. He saved another two shots in the fourth with his final wood holding David and Rosemary to one and a 5-0 lead.

Maurice continued that rhythm into the fifth end, taking two shots to cut the deficit to 2-5, but It was their opponents who held a shot each in the sixth – Maurice and Rosemary twice ran into their own woods as the end unwound – and they restored the five shot margin to David and Rosemary at 7-2. The eighth saw a ring of woods equidistant outside Rosemary and David, one shot each, till Maurice promoted himself into second and now 2-8 with two ends to play.

Hans took shot in the eighth, Maurice added two more on a measure and they now trailed 5-8. They needed to repeat that in the final end to tie the scores and with Rosemary at the mat with the final wood of the regulation nine ends, Hans and Maurice had the three shots they needed to take the match into the extra end. She had been short with her first two woods but the final one was good from the moment it left her hand. Not good enough for shot, but second was all she needed for the match at 8-6. David and Rosemary had built their lead consistently through the match but it was a great fight back from Hans and Maurice to put the result in doubt till the final wood.

David and Rosemary will now play Julie and Sam in the semi final.

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