Tony and Mark v Bruce and Michael

All the players circled the jack in the first end, Tony promoting Bruce into shot, then Mark taking it before Michael took shot with the final wood. In the second two good woods from Tony, with shot at ten inches, and third wood from Mark put them into the lead at 3-1. In the third, on a thirty-four yard jack, it was Michael with shot; Mark’s final wood might have challenged it but it caught a short wood, so Bruce and Michael had pulled back to 2-3.

Bruce and Tony were in a measure in the fourth till Tony ran the jack and held shot. Mark thought he had added a second till Michael took second back and it was 4-2 to Tony and Mark. With Tony shading Mark for shot in the fifth, Mark wicked in for shot at four inches to lie two up, and then he added a third to increase the lead to 7-2.

Bruce and Michael needed a response. Bruce held shot at one yard in the sixth end, then Tony took it at two feet. Michael’s last wood promoted Bruce into Tony’s shot wood, moving Tony on. Bruce was now clear shot, but on a measure Tony still had just half an inch on Michael’s wood – Bruce and Michael had just the one shot when they badly needed the two, at 3-7 with three ends to play.

With Tony and Michael on a measure in the seventh, Michael favourite, Mark’s last wood moved the jack closer to Tony, and Mark’s wood had just enough momentum to take second on another measure, and lead 9-3. Three shots in the eighth enabled Tony and Mark to wrap up proceedings at 12-3.

Bruce and Michael had found a good line throughout but could not find the length, frustratingly close at times but either Tony or Mark, or both, were consistently on the jack to take them into the next round.

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