Hans v Michael – Bella’s Shield

Hans is happy not to apply the 30 yard limit but on a wet day with our green playing very heavy anyway, I was surprised to hear Michael call for no limit, even after trial ends when he was well short with three woods, a long way past with the fourth. He then set a 28 yard jack and took shot at eighteen inches, but in the second, at just over 30 yards, he was nine yards short, then five yards long. Hans took two to lead 2-1.

Hans chose 27 yards and with Michael promoting his first short wood, but not far enough, and long with his last it was another two shots to Hans to lead 4-1. Another 27 yard jack, and this time Hans was long, Michael held two until Hans was in for shot with his third and led 5-1. In the sixth , 26 yards this time, Hans was in charge, shot at ten inches but Michael’s last to six inches pulled him back to 2-5, and two more in the next end saw him make further progress to 4-5. Michael now set the jack at 30 yards and both players were well short, just one of Hans’ woods a yard nearer the jack and clear shot. His last dribbled into second and Hans led 7-4.

Two ends to go, but now Michael bowled to eighteen inches and two feet for two and trailed by just one at 6-7. He took shot in the final regulation end, Hans took it back but Michael again responded to level the match at 7-7 and an extra end to be played. What a time for Michael to run his 30 yard jack a further yard plus, and stop just eight inches away! Hans could not get close enough, the match was 8-7 to Michael when he had looked down and out – a pattern not unlike his recent victory over Mark in the Wadsworth. A hint of a strategy? But a very risky one!

Penny v Julie – Rochester Ladies

Both ladies were very game to start their match on a surface already heavy and with drizzle in the air. Almost immediately it became a lot wetter. This was pretty much Julie’s first experience of this type of conditions and after three ends she took the very sensible decision to concede, Penny already having established a sizeable lead. We would not have been out there but for the need to make headway in the competitions, it is not what we signed up for!

Geoff v Maurice – Wadsworth

An overcast day with drizzle in the air (sometimes strong drizzle) meant that this match was played on wet grass with towels at the ready before every bowl. That said, the match was very tight and with both players happy to have any length of jack the heads varied from maximum to minimum.

Maurice started the quicker and after two ends was 4 shots to the good, Geoff then found his length and after six ends the pair were tied at 6 shots each. With all scoring shots within two feet of the jack the next three ends became tense and the winning shots got closer to the jack. In the 7th Maurice was six inches from the jack to take one shot and likewise Geoff bowled to eight inches in the 8th end to keep the score level at 7 shots each. All on the last end and with one shot to go Geoff held two, but not close enough as Maurice drew to within a foot to take the end and the match 8-7.

Given the conditions, an excellent match.

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