Wadsworth - Quarter Finals

Alison v David

Alison made a good start, holding shot till David’s last wood took the end, and in the second he bowled to one foot from the jack for a 2-0 lead. On a measure it was two more to David in the third and he led 4-0. David bowled to two feet in the fourth, Alison just inside that to take shot. David pushed the jack away from Alison to retake shot, before Alison moved David’s shot wood out to retake shot herself, and she was on the scoreboard at 1-4.

The measure was out in the fourth, David by half an inch from two of Alison’s woods, to extend his lead to 5-1. Alison was right on the jack with two woods in the sixth, with this time the measure in David’s favour for third, so 5-3 to David. Alison continued to play accurately, two more woods close to the jack in the seventh and it was now tied at 5-5. Two on a measure in the eighth and she led for the first time at 7-5. And in the final end she put her first wood half an inch from the jack, a hammer blow for David. |He got second and third woods, but shot to Alison saw her home at 8-5 and through to the semi final.

Chris v Maurice

It was not that Chris played badly, but he has played very little and Maurice had three close woods in both the first and third ends, albeit they needed a measure to give the maximums. In between Maurice also took the second end, a wood to three inches is hard to beat. Chris got second and third, but after three ends he was 0-7 down.

Maurice has been playing a lot recently, newly returned from singles competition in Harrogate, and he looked like a player in form. In the fourth he put his final wood two inches from a thirty yard jack. Chris’ first only just missed taking that wood out; Maurice then moved the jack himself, just a foot or so but he was holding at least two. Chris’ final wood was only an inch or so from shot, a great wood but no cigar, and he now trailed 0-8.

The measure gave shots to Maurice in the fifth and Chris needed to win big. A thirty-five yard jack saw Maurice holding two within fifteen inches but Chris’ final wood was very good, taking clear shot. However, it was not enough and it is Maurice who will play Alison for a place in the final.

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