Wadsworth Final

Maurice V Hans

Maurice and Hans met for their second final of the summer, the first being a high quality match which was not reflected by the score heavily in Maurice’s favour. Hans clearly wanted a better score and after Maurice set the jack at twenty-eight yards, Hans bowled two great woods to hold two. Maurice’s third was even better, for shot. Hans’ final wood nudged the jack, but in Maurice’s direction and the end remained 1-0 to Maurice. On a thirty-one yard jack in the second end Maurice bowled to two feet with his first wood, Hans bowled to six inches, and that is how it stayed to leave the match tied at 1-1.

Hans’ first jack was set at twenty-nine and a half yards. He took shot at fourteen inches, Maurice just shy at seventeen inches. Hans then ran the jack six inches, that wood stopping for the new shot at four inches. On a measure, Hans had made second wood and he took the lead at 3-1. The next end, the fourth, same distance jack, was the reverse of the third. Maurice was just in shot, then ran the jack for a new shot (this time at three inches), retaining second wood, so the match was again tied, now 3-3. Maurice set a full length jack in the fifth and bowled to three inches with his first wood. He was wayward – relatively! – with his other woods with Hans pretty close, but Hans could not match three inches and it was 4-3 to Maurice.

In the sixth end Maurice set a thirty-one yard jack and held two, Hans’ first wood five feet too strong, but his second wood pushed the jack a yard or so and wide to give him two shots. Maurice had the line for the new jack position but was short, and Hans’ final wood was good enough to give him three shots and the lead at 6-4. Hans set the seventh end jack marginally over the minimum length and his first wood was perfect. It took a few seconds to fall over as it came to rest, but when it did it was a touching wood, and whilst Maurice took second and third Hans had increased his lead to 7-4. On a twenty-eight yard jack it was narrowly but clearly one to Hans for 8-4 after eight ends.

The ninth was again a short jack, at twenty-seven yards, but after two ends with Hans bowling good opening woods he was long and Maurice was close for shot. Hans again pushed the jack to his longer wood, to give him two and Maurice could not find the newly positioned jack. At 10-4 Maurice needed to win the last two ends of the match with maximums, a tough ask.

Hans made an error in setting the tenth end jack, putting it outside the rink, and Maurice set it at thirty-two yards. At fourteen inches Maurice took shot but Hans had second so the match was over 10-5 in Hans’ favour. It had been very close throughout, with Hans rescuing the position a couple of times by running the jack. They had repeated the high quality of the earlier final, but this time it was Hans who prevailed.

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