Wadsworth Matches

Marian v Hans

We needed to bite the bullet and get the competitions under way in the extreme heat of this summer, and Marian and Hans, both former winners were the first brave souls onto the green. Marian started well, holding three until Hans’ final wood took the end. Marian was again on the mark in the second, holding shat at fourteen inches and this time adding a second to lead 2-1, before a single to Hans in the third levelled at 2-2. He continued with single shot wins in the fourth and sixth ends, both tightly contested, but in between Marian’s first wood in the fifth had clipped the jack a yard to the right of the string whilst running a few yards through. Normally Marian makes an instant adjustment but for some reason she sent her other two woods to the left of the string, and well through into the bargain, an aberration that cost her three shots in the end and she trailed 2-7 after six ends. Hans continued the pressure in the seventh, holding shot till Marian pushed him out to get one back, and in the eighth it was her turn to take all three to go just one behind at 6-7. She set a full length jack in the final end but It was Hans who responded with two great woods at about two feet to close the match out at 9-6.

Geoff v Mark

In the first four ends Mark bowled well but Geoff bowled better. The second end saw Mark, on a thirty yard jack, with two woods no further than two feet, but Geoff had three within eighteen inches. Mark tried to get into the head with weight on his final wood but lost his line and ended three down despite two great woods. In the fourth Geoff had clear shot but all the others were in a ring – the measure gave three to Geoff for a 9-0 lead.
Mark was not playing badly and he won the next three ends, but only by a single shot each time, so he was just nibbling his way back at 3-9. He needed a bog win in the eighth to keep the match alive, but for the second time he put the jack into the ditch. Geoff set it at thirty yards, the length that had served him well earlier in the match, and with two shots for 11-3 Geoff could not be caught.

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