Wadsworth Geoff v Hans

Hans’ final wood took shot in the first. Geoff pushed the jack in the second but unluckily converted shot to Hans to two on a measure and he trailed 0-3. Geoff then held two in the third end, both within a foot. Hans then took the jack to his own long wood for two. Geoff adjusted his line perfectly but his wood held up just short, and Hans now led 5-0.

Geoff needed a response and in the fourth he again held two, but this time he kept them for 2-5. Geoff held three in the fifth but Han’s last wood took third on a measure, but one to Hans in the sixth and Hans led 6-4. Geoff pulled one back in the seventh, and then took two in the eighth to lead for the first time at 7-6. In the final regulation end Geoff appeared to have taken the match with two very good wood within a foot of the jack and just in front, till Hans’ final wood came right round those two woods for shot to level the match at 7-7. In sudden death it was Hans by a very narrow margin to go through in an enthralling tie that Geoff so nearly won. Excellent play throughout