Julie and Penny v David and Hans

Julie was in great form at the start of this match, taking a shot in both of the first two ends, first narrowly from David, then from Hans. In the third end, probably the loosest of the match, she also had shot at ten inches, a second at a yard and her third at five feet. Penny came just inside that last wood but on a measure both David and Hans were just outside the five feet, so it was four on the end a 6-0 lead to the ladies.

Julie also took early shot in the fourth, but first Hans took it from her, then Penny regained shot for the ladies. Hans’ final wood pushed his earlier shot wide, then ran on, squeezing past Penny to take the shot back and put the men on the scoreboard. And with David taking two shots in the fifth, the men now trailed 3-6. They were, in fact, almost closer as Hans’ final wood was at right pace and on a good line but was stopped by a short wood. They did get closer in the sixth, David taking shot, Penny taking shot from him, Hans this time getting through with the final wood for 4-6.

David held shot in the seventh till Hans took him out, taking shot himself, but David was in a measure for second. This time it was Penny’s final wood right onto the jack, which took the end, and what had looked likely to be a tie at 6-6 had the ladies 7-4 ahead with two ends to play.

Julie’s intended medium jack ran out, so David set the jack, at full length for the penultimate end. And Julie calmly put her first wood right onto the jack, at just one inch. With Penny at 17 inches, then one foot, the ladies held three. Hans’ second wood would have been perfect had Penny not been in his way, just one foot in front of the jack. He might have even challenged Julie’s fantastic shot, but instead he nudged Penny’s wood in second, but could not go past it. His final wood was decent, just 18 inches from a full length jack, but only fifth wood in the end. Two to the ladies and now they played the last end five shots ahead at 9-4.

In this final end Hans pushed the jack a foot or so and at this stage he and David held three, not enough but maybe? Penny’s last wood moved Hans shot wood out of the head, she now sat on the jack for shot and Hans’ final wood could have no impact. Another shot for the ladies gave them an apparently clear 10-4 victory, but the last six ends were 4-4 and there could so easily have been more for David and Hans. Good bowling all round, but congratulations to the ladies on a hard fought win. One, or both, had produced a great wood when they needed it, and they go through to the next round.

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