Pat S & Maurice W v Trudy R & Chris P – April 18th, 2017

RBBG competitions – roll ups, too, for that matter – are friendly events but none the less keenly contested. Many of our competition preliminary rounds generate tussles worthy of a final and, on April 25th, the actual 2017 final was very much worthy of the name. Lasting as long as it did, close to two hours, some of our group were privileged to be able to enjoy the final stages.

Pat held shot in the first, but Maurice promoted Trudy and Chris put two more into the count for a 3-0 lead. In the second end, Trudy took shot and Chris added another, but Maurice’s final wood reclaimed second on a measure, so 4-0 to Trudy and Chris. In the third end, Pat and Maurice held four shots, until Chris ran the jack, for shot. Maurice’s final wood was marginally short, on a measure, so the lead was now 5-0.

Pat’s first wood, in the fourth, was good. Her second would have been even better, but it caught her first and was stopped – only to be promoted by Trudy’s next wood into shot at six inches from the jack. And with Pat’s third at eighteen inches she held three. Chris last wood caught one of Pat’s counting woods, moved it away from the jack, but not far enough to stop those three shots to Pat and Maurice, who now trailed 3-5. In the fifth end, it was three to Pat and Maurice, till Chris put in his wood into contention for a measure for shot. Maurice’s last wood took shot, whilst Chris’ last clearly took second, so it was now 4-5.

Trudy held two in the sixth end, but Maurice’s final wood came in for second, so he and Pat were only 4-6 behind. Chris’ wood, at eighteen inches, took shot in the seventh, but it was Pat - at a mere five inches - in the eighth end for her and Maurice now trailed. 5-7. There had been several jacks at thirty yards plus and all the players were finding the length pretty well, but in the ninth end, with a thirty-three yard jack, Trudy and Chris’ length deserted them. They put all their woods long, good line, but long and the head built into five shots to Pat and Maurice. Suddenly, they were in the lead for the first time at 10-7, with two ends to play.

Trudy and Chris fought back in the tenth, holding two till Maurice ran the jack so that he and Pat held four. But Chris sprang the jack a further yard and a half to take shot, for 8-10, with the final end to be played. Trudy first held shot at ten inches, then Pat put her wood a similar length from the jack for a measure. Chris then came in for shot, via a small rest off Pat’s wood, moving Pat an inch or so which crucially pushed her into third. Two shots to Trudy and Chris and it was 10-10 after regulation ends and into sudden death!

It was Pat who set the pace, at six inches from the jack. Trudy had perfect length, but drifted off line. Chris tried to come around Pat, but played with a fraction too much weight. Maurice did not have to play his final wood, as Pat still held shot, but he did play it – and took second for a 12-10 victory.

It was superb final, with Trudy and Chris taking seven of the eleven ends and looking the winners most of the way, and they fought back after the crucial ninth end, which had put Pat and Maurice into the lead, to take the match into extra time. A match which no one deserved to lose, but there has to be a result, and the 2017 trophy goes to Pat and Maurice in a classic final.

2017 Pairs Champions - Pat Sayer and Maurice Willi

Back from the depths of despair, trailing 5-0, Pat and Maurice fight back to take Trudy and Chris right to the wire, 11-11, and then in the extra end, they claimed the title and the trophy.

Well bowled - to all four bowlers.

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