At halfway in our match with Birchington, as we took tea, we were pretty well placed on all the rinks. However, in the second half, our hosts took charge – what did you put in those cakes and savouries, Bella?! But whatever the result, we enjoyed our game, decent weather (although it started a little chilly for some after recent temperatures), great company and a green that was a delight to play on.

Ron, the Birchington skip on rink 6, said he could not recall being on the winning side when playing against us over the years, but that was hard to credit as he was on fire! With Simone and Charles, his triple pulled away after being 2-2 at four ends, to the extent that they only allowed four more shots in the whole of the match to David, Bruce and Hans. 23-6 was a pretty overwhelming win, but not indicative of the quality of heads throughout.

On rink 5 Geoff, Marian and Tom appeared to have the measure of Jean, Pat and Bob as we led 6-3 standing on the mat to start the final end before tea, but Tom moved the jack, when RBBG were holding - and we lost five shots, to trail 6-8, and it was not until the final end, when we took an improbable five shots ourselves, that we were again on the scoreboard, 21 -11 to Birchington.

Trudy, Pat and Mick took the first two ends, on rink 2, but it was hard going thereafter. Pat S took over from Trudy at halfway but Noel, Rene and Dave continued to rack up the points and it was only six shots in the final end to RBBG that allowed a better gloss on RBBG’s account, leaving Birchington winners, at 19-13.

Bella managed to play half a match on rink 3 and left with her triple, Barbara and Maurice, leading 12-6 at the break. No disrespect, who took her place, RBBG’s lead owed a lot to a masterful shot from Barbara which had moved the jack and gave us seven shots in the end – as Danny, Terry and captain Barbara had been steadily clawing shots back. They continued in the second half, often just the single shot, and, with three ends to play, it was all square at 13-13. A big finish for RBBG? Sadly, no, Birchington went on to win 18-13, but, nevertheless, the day’s RBBG rink honours to Bella, (then Chris), Barbara and Maurice who all performed very well.

Bella has had a tough time recently, but is determined to play as much as she can, this season - she has missed her bowling. She also loves baking and does not want anything to stop her doing that either, so she brought along some cakes, sausage rolls and her signature cheese and onions savouries, so we all enjoyed a good tea. Great for us all and Bella clearly demonstrating for RBBG how much we love the fixture and appreciate the generous welcome of our hosts.